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Mact Media Group releases «ITN Greek Tourism»

Mact Media Group releases «ITN Greek Tourism», a tourist guide in English with the aim to inform in the best way the international tourism industry about the developments in Greece, the destinations and to reveal unknown aspects of the country. «ITN Greek Tourism» is the ONLY tourist guide that is addressed abroad and aim the Greek tourism. «ITN Greek Tourism» will present the country’s tourist destinations, without focusing only on the popular ones. We will present the forms of Thematic Tourism that are developing in the country and the opportunities they offer for travellers and professionals alike. Greek gastronomy, sea tourism, hiking, culture and events around these forms of tourism will be among the priorities of the presentations. We will also promote winter tourism, because Greece has many beautiful and unique mountains and national parks that remain unexplored by the general public. The ultimate goal is to make it clear to the international tourism industry that Greece is much more and bigger than the «Sun and Sea» model.






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