itn Greek Tourism

The electronic magazine «itn Greek Tourism» is undoubtedly the ideal mean for any business or organization that wants to get in touch with the tourism industry abroad and to communicate its products and services to the tourism market. Given that it is addressed and sent FREE of charge to all countries of the world, it is a unique promotional opportunity for regions, municipalities, hotels, rentals, tourist agencies, rent a car, airlines, gastronomy and wine products, food industry, cosmetics industry, equipment suppliers, construction companies, air carriers, producer associations and any other business that has, or wishes to gain access to the tourism industry, etc. The option of promotion through the pages of «itn Greek Tourism» ensures contact with tens of thousands of professionals and tourism businesses abroad and even with a very good value for money, compared to any other marketing methods. It is the vehicle that will take your message exactly where you want it to reach. To professionals and audiences who trust it and trust its recommendations. At the same time, the Mact team is always at the side of its partners to cover any issue that may arise. The electronic magazine is released FREE of charge every 3 months. You can advertise with one or more entries in the period you wish and at preferential prices. Apart from the ITN Greek Tourism magazine, your promotion can be combined with the other electronic media of Mact Media Group (itn Greek Tourism newspaper,,, ITNews Web TV), as well as with newsletters.